jsmirk™ is an apparel company based in Benicia, Ca. It all started the summer of 2010 when co-owner Justin D. Evangelista, a web and graphic designer, showed a design he developed purely by accident to his oldest daughter Jaela Evangelista. When Jaela looked at the logo, she knew it had to be put on a shirt. However, due to Jaela's dad's hectic work schedule and running of his own business, it would be virtually impossible to launch this new brand and be able to give it the time, dedication and attention it needed. Jaela came up with a plan that would probably seem crazy to do with any other start-up business. Jaela, who was only 13 years old at the time, became the Vice President of Operations for the new company. She even named the logo and would call this new company; "jsmirk™".

" Now, it may seem unthinkable and probably somewhat unbelievable that jsmirk™ apparel is currently run by a 14 year old girl today, but in this day and age anything is possible. I have learned so much this past year about running a clothing line, from choosing designs, materials to ordering and paying bills. It's been a great learning experience and everyday I am learning something new on how to make my company run smoother. " – Jaela Evangelista

To date, jsmirk™ apparel has had sales in: Northern and Southern California, New York, Arkansas, Florida, Ohio, Hawaii, Colorado, Tennessee, Iowa, Texas and even as far as England, Japan and the Phillipines. Jaela is now 16 years old and has taken the position of President of jsmirk apparel. In May of 2012 Jaela brought aboard her younger sister Kiki Evangelista who just turned 13 years old and appointed her to the VP of operations for jsmirk apparel. This creative and ambitous sister duo, along with their dad Justin, who provides design consultations, form TEAM jsmirk. Together this family run business stays focused on bringing jsmirk apparel to the next level.

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